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Our one-of-kind app comes with hundreds of lessons! Our learners practice what they learned in a simulated online environment and can work through lessons at their own pace. We address issues of reciprocity and reinforce safety and appropriate online behavior.

Awards Badges

Our learners love earning badges! Autism Expressed’s research based rewarded system, engages, motivates and reinforces achievement. Families can use badges in their behavior program at home or to incentivise their child.

Monitor & Supplement

Use reporting feature to develop new learning and transition goals. Reinforce learning with hundreds of supplemental resources emailed directly to you. Keep tabs on your child’s path to digital literacy, while simultaneously bolstering your own skills in the ever changing field of technology.


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What We Teach

Autism Expressed students learn a portfolio of necessary digital skills and a platform to showcase their abilities, thoughts, and feelings. This all results in greater learning and earning potential and student empowerment, as they pursue postsecondary educational goals and their transition to independence.

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Designed for your child's needs

Our system is specifically designed to accommodate the special needs of your children with autism. Our students are not just those who are considered “high-functioning,” but rather, are very diverse and have nuanced learning profiles. Autism Expressed uses principles of ABA Therapy, proven through our research and classroom experience to cater to these specific yet varied needs. The curriculum is student driven and self-paced so your child can complete the lessons at their own speed and practice as many times as they need until the skills and concepts are mastered. Following this success, we provide virtual badge reward system to encourage and motivate student learning. This was designed to keep students motivated and encourages them to stay on track.

With our Parent Support System, you can learn along with you child and supplement. Keep tabs on your child’s path to digital literacy, while simultaneously bolstering your own skills in the ever changing field of digital literacy.


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Safety is our priority

We understand the dangers that sometimes come with the internet, but our curriculum prioritizes and reinforces safety first. The digital literacy we teach students include a strong fluency in what is appropriate on the internet and what the pitfalls can be. Our one of a kind lessons teach students to distinguish private information from public information, and therefore, how to appropriately share on the internet. Students learn to recognize and respond to internet threats such as spam, ‘phishing’ (when someone is trying to garner private information such as bank account information or email address) and cyber bullying.

Plus, our platform provides simulated environments so our students can practice their new skills in a safe environment before they venture out independently onto the internet. Safety is our number one priority, and Autism Expressed is the best tool for teaching your children safe behavior on the internet.


Marketable, skill driven learning to promote independence for real world transition

We know that our kids are savvy with today’s technology. While your child may be an expert when it comes to online games and YouTube, they likely don’t have the caliber of digital literacy they need in this everchanging and threatening technological landscape.

Autism Expressed teaches digital literacy.

Starting at the basics, we develop internet vocabulary and then begin skill development. With our expansive curriculum of lessons and activities, our students start by learning internet basics, like browsing, searching, email and web safety. Each lesson builds on the previous and includes an activity so they can practice their new skill. After completion of a lesson and new skill, students are rewarded with virtual Autism Expressed Achievement Badges to reinforce their progress.

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Increase empowerment, motivation and post-secondary opportunities.

Autism Expressed is specifically designed to engage students in learning and practicing digital-life skills, simultaneously gaining access to unlimited resources to support behavioral, social and communicative
development as well as functional, occupational and academic achievement.

Our goal is to increase the overall productivity and ultimately the learning and earning potential for these individuals by allotting a portfolio of marketable digital media skills and the ability to showcase skills. Autism Expressed will lead to increased digital literacy skills, a critical skill area needed for improved transition outcomes for students with disabilities to obtain further training and education (e.g., postsecondary education, vocational education programs).

Autism Expressed seeks to level the playing field, giving all learners the ability to express themselves and interact in the digital world, and this is what we intend to provide to your child as well. The ultimate outcome results in a greater sense of empowerment and autonomy as well as increased earning and learning potential for students as they pursue post-secondary educational goals.


blockquoteAs children with an ASD now grow up in an era of advocacy, early identification, and early and intensive interventions and therapies, many of today’s youth with an ASD may find themselves better prepared for college.
Hart et al. 2010


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